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Recently I opened a thread about a “deprecated” feature, at which @Matija_Nalis replied that it was an undiscussed wiki edit. This edit automatically added that page to "Category:Tag descriptions with status “deprecated” tho.
Recently I opened a topic in which another deprecated feature was mentioned, it has been un-deprecated today by @Something_B , but previously was added automatically to "Category:Tag descriptions with status “deprecated”

So, if you add the deprecate status to a wiki page, the page is automatically added to Category:Tag descriptions with status “deprecated” and this banner appears:

The reason is documented in Deprecated features. You are still free to continue to use or interpret this tag as you see fit since OpenStreetMap does not have “banned features”.

but if you go to that page, some features have the following reason for the deprecation:

Taken from Category:Tag descriptions with status “deprecated”

My point:
if pages are added to that category automatically when the status is changed (even after undiscussed edits), can it be used as a reason in that page? I think it should link to a discussion or something more “solid”, thoughts?

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I think that “Taken from Category…” isn’t good reason by itself, and should be replaced with real reason, e.g “redundant tag” (as drinkable=*), “ambiguous” (as sport=football) and so on.

сб, 13 мая 2023 г., 12:59 ivanbranco via OpenStreetMap Community Forum <>:

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Re the office=healthcare “deprecation”, I’ve asked at for the reason for marking the use of that tag as “discouraged”. It might not have been a deliberate change (we all make mistakes!).

Yep, that wasn’t my point, just examples I saw personally recently, maybe I explained myself poorly. I wanted to say that being present in that category isn’t a “reason” for deprecation, because they could be added there automatically without discussion or by mistake (I also set some wrong status values because I mixed proposal and tag statuses by mistake).

Agreed. Page appearing in Category:Tag descriptions with status “deprecated” definitely does not mean it is actually deprecated by the community.

The page appearing in that category is however quite a good reason to check:

for details of the reasons for deprecation (or lack thereof), and doing appropriate actions depending on the results (like discussing the issue with the user, discussing with wider community on talk page / tagging ML / community forum, reverting wiki to the previous status quo until the consensus is reached, or taking further actions if needed)

I’d only wish if MediaWiki allowed one to use follow new pages appearing in the category via RSS, as it would make for much easier following of it. Or some way to find tags which are listed in that Category, but are not mentioned at Deprecated features - OpenStreetMap Wiki.


Could you add the page to your watchlist, then use this link to get an RSS feed of your watchlist, and then use IFTTT to alert you (e.g. send an email) when a new item in that RSS feed contains the phrase ‘tag descriptions with status deprecated’?

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Hmmm, not really. While that URL works in browser in which I’m logged in, it fails from other places (like RSS readers), as they don’t have those session cookies. One would probably need to pass login credentials to it, but I have no idea how?

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I see! Looking into this some more, try this: first, under preferences - watchlist, you’ll have to untick the box “hide categorisation of pages”. Otherwise, when you follow a category page, you’ll only get notified when the category text changes, not when category membership changes.

Changing this setting should be enough to get email notifications when a page is added to or removed from the category.

To get the RSS feed to work, go to Manage tokens on the same page and request a new watchlist token. You should then be able to use the following in your RSS reader:

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In Template:Deprecated features/reason: Difference between revisions - OpenStreetMap Wiki I deprecated this reason for describing reason of a claimed deprecations.

I also replaced several uses in Template:Deprecated features: Difference between revisions - OpenStreetMap Wiki

(sadly this page is some hilariously complex mess of templates)