Deprecate BING for use in all editors in the Netherlands.

How can we manage that?

In the Netherlands, we have now the newest Goverment Aerial Ortho Images, 2016 and 2017 is coming in a most recent actual version.

In JOSM, it is in default entries.

In all editors:
In a country, when zooming in there must be a warning, that there is a newer aerial available and maybe set as default for that country.

Now, retags to older situations, this must be avoided. To get a better map quality.

What do you think?

The setup of a editors, largely determine the quality of the mapping.

I like to hear from other country OSM communities, what is there, the best aerial map in a part of their country.

I suspect you’ll want to raise an issue here for that: .

Well actually a PR with a new source file including a coverage polygon is what is required.

@Allroads I haven’t seen either a new issue nor a pull request on the editor layer index repository yet.