Deletion of allegedly copyright violation data


I was approached by the OSMF Data Working Group ( with an inquiry about a way I mapped ( I provided the relevant information as to the data I used to map this way, but it was deleted nevertheless… I guess the investigation is not so simple. Matt from OSMF Data Working Group was not able to share any data regarding the investigation with me yet.

Please make sure not to use commercial or any other copyrighted sources when adding data to OSM. This includes ways, POIs, street names, etc.


There were 3 allegations about use of copyrighted material in OSM in Israel.
Not about unexisting ways, but about names of ways.

OSM was given an ultimatum to delete those ways by yesterday.
That’s why they were deleted.

The allegations were made using a lawyer, in a formal letter.
A lawyer on ehalf of OSM should answer these allegations.
It’s not over yet…

Funny thing is - All 3 ways have a GPS track in OSM.
They do exist!
It’s just the names that matter to those who made the allegations.
Still, the ways were deleted, until things clear.

I advise reading about Copyright Easter Eggs