Deletion of AH1 relation

A Vietnamese user has deleted the Asian Highway 1 relation: changeset

I can’t believe, that this was intentional. May please someone investigate or revert this?

In the first instance I’d suggest that you comment on the changeset concerned and ask them politely what happened. Although they’re using an “en” locale to edit I wouldn’t assume that they understand English and would add a Vietnamese translation. I’d also have a look in there for other changes (lots of other relations appear to have been deleted).

They’re not a new mapper but are a relatively infrequent one. It’s most likely a mistake, but before anything is restored piecemeal it’d be great if someone familiar with the area could look at the scale of the problem - it might be best to revert the whole changeset (or perhaps more than one).

Also perhaps contact the Data Working Group (see ) who can offer technical and other help here - see the “I’ve seen a problem; what should I do?” section on that page.

Edit: You can see their conversations with other mappers by looking at - it looks like they do speak English and will reply quickly.

Best Regards,

Andy (from the Data Working Group)