Deleting named places in Whereami

Does anyone know how to delete the annotations/named places in Whereami? I have 50 or more now and they’ve been added to OSM but I can’t find a way to delete them off the phone. I have to manually edit the xml file to remove the old ones before I upload it.

I’m using a Nokia N79.


Just bumping this up. Does anyone else use whereami?

I have Whereami on an N70 and haven’t used this function yet but I just had a play on mine and I found that if you go to “Nam…” tab, highlite the annotation and then press the “C” delete button, it’s gone!


Doh! Of course. There was me looking under the menus! Thanks Richard.

You may have found that documentation is a bit scant. I’ll probably add what I’ve found so far to the wiki at some point, but you might have found by now the following.

  • the number keys are shortcuts to the tabs
  • in the map view, the middle button toggles between a pan-round mode and a zoom mode
  • in the annotations view the up and down keys change the kind of annotation - text, numbered, recording and photo

Loading the named places into OSM is a bit involved as you can’t do it directly. Instructions are here -