Deleting GPX markers from JOSM?

I have several GPX files that contain many of the same locations, but inaccurately. I want to show all the GPX files on top of each other in different colors, which I have done already in JOSM:

Then I’d like to go through them and find the correct location, put it on OSM, and then delete those points from the GPX files to mark that they are “done”. In JOSM I can’t seem to select the individual markers, though? Or delete them? Is there any way to do this?

You need to convert your GPX into an OSM-File. See How to edit the waypoints of a gpx file in JOSM? - OSM Help

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You mean “convert to data layer”? They are no longer displayed with large readable text and unique colors, though…

If you keep them on a separate layer, you’ll find then easily.

I usually add a tag like fixme=no upload or something, to be sure to check each one of them before uploading, if I decide to merge the layers. And they get a special color.

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I had each GPX in its own layer, but it makes them all look like the native point icons with black text.

It already has “discourage upload” enabled for the layers by default, so I won’t accidentally upload them.

How do you change the color in a data layer?

Depending on the style you’re using, the tags change the color. fixme makes it pink or something.

That won’t work for ones that aren’t in the current layer.

Does the EditGPX plugin work for markers as well as points?

Also, is there a way to say “this feature is around here, but exact location is uncertain”? Because I have four different sources of points and they sometimes agree pretty precisely but other times are all very different. I think having the general location in OSM of the named features is better than not having anything at all, but I don’t want to give people the impression that they can trust it to be exact, either. “Go to this general area, but then you’ll have to use your eyes to actually find the feature.” (And then they could update the exact location on OSM when they pinpoint it exactly.)

Depending on the uncertainty, I would use either fixme= or note=.

Both are meant for other mappers, fixme is usually highlighted by editors…

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