Delete nodes with the same tag in bulk


I am preparing “offline” map of my city using josm.
I see some 2000 nodes having tag “power=tower” & the way associated (A HT 440KV power line with tower locations).
I don’t wish to include this data in my city map.
Removing a way is straight forward. But is there any method to remove those 2000 nodes in bulk at a time?

Kindly note: I am NOT going to upload this modified data (removed nodes & power line) back to OSM and thus preserving valuable work done by the contributor.

Thank you.

You could either:


In both cases before pressing delete, you can check the tags in the tags/membership dialog ( to check if you did really only select power tower nodes.

Thank you Klumbumbus.

UtilsPlugin2 worked for me and it also comes with much more functionality.


You could also simply not render the data you don’t want shown on your map. That would make updates easier if you wish it issue a new version later with what ever changes/additions show up in the OSM data.