Delete an Inappropriate Node

Please tell me how to delete an inappropriate node posted by some anonymous person. thanks!

I assume that you mean note, as anonymous users cannot add nodes.

You can only resolve the note, not remove it.

If you do mean note you can click on it. Then add a note explaining why it’s wrong. Then click the Resolve button. It will then turn green and after some time I think about a week it will go away.

i read somewhere they were called “nodes”… the little red pointy bubbles that anonymous people can leave. So all i have to do is leave a note on it and resolve it? Thanks.

Yes. It will then turn to a green pointy bubble with a check mark. If no one reactivates it it will go away. I could be off on the time but think it’s about a week.

All functionality of notes ( that’s the correct name for the bubbles) is explained on the wiki