Delay, depending on layer, in propagation of updates?

It until recently, updates to roads appeared in the cycle layer fairly quickly (10 minutes), but now I’m not
seeing updates at all.

For example, some updates I made a week ago are visible in the standard, transport, and humanitarian layers:
but the cycle layer shows only the simple road/path that was there before.

Another example, of some changes three days ago (adding a small temple complex near a major road), the
changes do appear on the standard and humanitarian layers, but on the cycle and transport layers they
don’t show at all:

None of the changes are showing up at, either.

Any suggestions what might be going on? Thanks!

The cycle- and transport map takes ‘a while’ for updates … just a little patience :wink:
They are maintained by Andy Allan →
You can mail him →

The cycle and transport layers appear to be updated on a one week cycle. Note that only the standard layer is maintained by OSM itself.

Thanks for the replies, guys. Would this also explain why the data dumps from don’t have the updates? Even the sample map at doesn’t have the updates. Neither of these have anything to do with cycling. It’s as if these updates are somehow stuck between the master database at OSM and external data consumers…

I use that regularly for updating a rendering server and creating Garmin maps from and have never noticed updates go missing. It’s not just that the extracted files contain data up to a point the previous evening is it? The “contains all data up to” date is the one to be interested in on e.g. .

I also make maps for my Garmin, and was surprised when changes I’d made a few days prior didn’t show up.
Now it’s been over a week, even though the file is updated on that site daily.

So something really does feel odd… the updates that normally propagate quickly are visible on in some layers, but not in other things that update quickly. Scratching my head…

At least for there’s absolutely no issue at all with the extract available via

~osmium getid -f opl japan-latest.osm.pbf w519457510
w519457510 v1 dV c51524948 t2017-08-29T01:01:47Z i3091368 uJeffrey%20%Friedl Tamenity=place_of_worship,building=yes,name=%53e4%%77e5%%8c37%%963f%%5f25%%9640%%5bfa%,name:en=Kochidani%20%Amidashi%20%Temple,religion=buddhist Nn5065253092,n5065253093,n5065253094,n5065253095,n5065253096,n5065253097,n5065253098,n5065253099,n5065253100,n5065253101,n5065253102,n5065253103,n5065253104,n5065253105,n5065253106,n5065253107,n5065253469,n5065253108,n5065253109,n5065253470,n5065253110,n5065253111,n5065253112,n5065253113,n5065253092

Please try to be very specific and name the exact object id, as well as the exact steps it took you to come to your conclusion.

The road updates don’t appear in the Garmin map that I made from the data, just as they don’t appear in the cycling layer on OSM, or at or Changes used to be reflected at within minutes, but now more than a week has passed.

This is one of the roads not showing up:
I created it a week ago. I made a minor change two days ago, but no version shows up in the data at

Here’s another example:



OK, thanks! Both ways are at least contained in the Geofabrik extract I mentioned earlier:

osmium getid -f opl japan-latest.osm.pbf w519457514,w520710275
w519457514 v4 dV c51683776 t2017-09-03T03:10:47Z i3091368 uJeffrey%20%Friedl Thighway=service,service=driveway,surface=paved Nn5074966296,n5074966297,n5074966298,n5065253463,n5065253421,n5065253062,n5065253063,n5065253064,n5065253065,n5065253066,n5065253067,n5065253070,n5065253071,n5065253072,n5065253073,n5065253074,n5065253075,n5065253076,n5065253077,n5065253464,n5065253078,n5065253079,n5065253467,n5065253080,n5065253081
w520710275 v2 dV c51665886 t2017-09-02T10:31:45Z i3091368 uJeffrey%20%Friedl Thighway=service,service=driveway Nn5074720991,n5074723940,n5074723939,n5074720992,n5075094214,n5074720993,n5074720995,n5074721005,n5074720994,n5075094213,n5075094216,n5075094215,n5074720997,n5074720996,n5075094220

Besides, both ways are available via Overpass API, which consumes minutely diffs: see

I cannot really reproduce this, see results above. Which data at do you refer to here? Can you please provide the exact filename you downloaded?

It looks like all the other maps haven’t updated their database yet for whatever reason.
Otherwise, I don’t see any issue at all here.

Thanks for your patience with me, mmd. I’ve edited OSM for a long time, but I don’t have much experience with the underlying data.

I’d worked with both

I, too, now find the data there. I’m at a loss to explain why it didn’t end up on my Garmin… I don’t think the file was updated between when I tried yesterday and today. I’m tempted to write this off to some kind of error on my part, but that still leaves the lack up update at Mapbox, which is still an issue, but maybe not one for OSM.

I’ll reach out to Mapbox.

Great to hear there’s no issue with the extracts here, and sorry for being a bit pedantic here. Reports of missing data always raises some red flags, and you want to be really sure about how that came to happen.