Defining classifications below trunk

I’ll also support option (a), for the reasons given by Johnny Carlsen.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of cases where that’s not true. National highways in the North all begin with 1, but in the Northeastern, Central and Southern Regions, they begin with 2, 3 and 4, respectively, so your observation isn’t applicable in other regions. Moreover, rural roads (with their xx. prefixes) may begin with any number from 1 to 6, depending on the level of the roads they connect. ลป.1002, for example, begins with 1, as it branches off the one-digit Route 1. (Rural roads branching off two-digit national highways begin with 2, and so on.) The only conclusion we can make is that four-digit routes beginning with 5 or 6 should have an xx. prefix.

Thai government agencies generally do own copyright over works they create, but official reports are ineligible for copyright protection. I don’t know where exactly that leaves this document, but using it as a reference (comparing the coordinates to roads on the map) should be okay regardless, as no creative aspect of the work is being reproduced. (Yes, those are the start/end coordinates of each route. I’ve found that typos are unfortunately quite common, however.)

So in official publications it’s a dot without a space. On the signs it’s a dot without a space.
And we know that in written Thai there is quite little use of space characters as well.

Any good reason for **not **following that?

If Johnny is doing a mechanical edit to change it by removing the space, I’m fine with it.


Well it sounds like most of us agree (a) is the way to go … a dot with no space.
And I do agree with Stephan that XX. can not be arbitrarily added, BUT can Johnny or Stephan at least take everything that currently has a province prefix, and convert it to the “nearly agreed upon” XX.??? format.
… At the very least, can you amend all of the ones I created if its still contentious ?

I have script ready that will update a little more than a thousand refs which were easy to recognize by the script - some incorrect entries may be missed, but I’d rather do scripted updates on too little than too much.

But before I run anything, I need to know that we can all agree on a format. I believe the current votes are as follows:

(a) Johnny Carlsen, Russ McD, stephankn, Paul_012
(c) AlaskaDave

Er, yes, I meant (c) :frowning:

Sorry for the delay. I’m in Phitsanulok, where my GPS routing has found many errors LOL. I will go along with the rest of you as far as the format is concerned.

If we’re all in agreement, let’s update the Wiki accordingly: “Roads having a provincial prefix in their ref tags should be tagged as XX.nnnn where XX is the provincial prefix in Thai characters, followed by a dot, followed by the numerical portion of the ref. There should be no spaces in the ref value.” This clarification could be added to the definition of highway=tertiary on the Thailand Wikiproject page at

Or words to that effect.

I can do the change if we’re all okay with that wording. Suggestions, refinements anyone?

Sounds good to me.

I have fixed more than a thousand roads now to follow the above standard.


I have updated the Wiki accordingly.

I’d also go with version a (if my vote counts… :wink: )

I have done a scripted update on most roads to follow version (a), xx.1234 – most roads should now be correct.

Johnny, I would like to see that script just for my own amusement and edification. I don’t know if it’s something that’s easily shareable or not but as a former database junkie, I’d love to dig into the details of “talking” to the OSM database.

And thanks very much for your work on this project.


Now that we have the naming convention out of the way, is there any interest in working toward a solution to the small soi classification problem discussed in the living_street thread at (I posted in this thread because IMO it is a more appropriate place for this discussion to continue.) Generally speaking, I object to the use of highway=living_street as well as highway=path for those narrow, paved residential sois that are common in many areas that I visit and would like to come up with a scheme that works better for Thailand and the rest of the OSM community.

I am willing to take our comments and a description of the issue to the tagging list, unless anyone has objections.

Suggestions, objections? Interested or not?

Can you show one or more pictures of these soi’s, this will help me suggest better tags.

You can probably find some of these places on Google Streetview if you don’t have pictures available.

There are some photos and some proposed tagging by user:westnorost on the thread I included but you must be familiar with the type of soi I’m referring to. Small, too narrow for cars or trucks, but paved and lined with houses. They are residential streets that people have been tagging with highway=service and service =alley as well as the tags I mentioned.

I think it’s better to keep conversation in one place. Perhaps this could be split into a new thread of its own, since we’re branching into a new specific topic anyway.