Defining administrative boundaries

Hi world and community,

I’m trying to define my hometown’s inner boundaries for local democraty district.
I understood tags ans was able to define the first “Bureau”, but something is missing as I don’t understand it.

For example, I have a street named “Street of the Libération”. I can easily define it with attributes or tags to say “that street is a boundary”:

name=Quartier Proust

But, as I understood, in this case, the two sides of the street will be considered as a member of the “Quartier Proust” by default.
How can I manage the three different cases:

  1. The street is member of the “Quartier Proust”, BUT only for its (e.g.) left side; the right side is a member of the “Quartier Châteaubriand”;
  2. The street is member of the “Quartier Proust” for its two sides (maybe by default);
  3. The street is an enclave, is geographically inside the “Quartier Proust” but member of the “Quartier Châteaubriand” (should I write ‘inner’ Châteaubriand or ‘outer’ Proust ? Or both ?

The ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ tags are not very clear (even in the french translation).

Thank you for your help !