Default speed limits in Malaysia

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I am compiling a machine-readable list of legal default speed limits (=if no street sign is given) for each country. The information for each country shall come from an official government source, best with reference to the paragraph in the actual traffic law.

I’ve tried before, but I cannot find the law (+paragraphs) that regulate the max speeds for the different vehicle and road types. It might be cause of the language barrier. Can you help me find it?

I’d expect to find the information on the website of the road transport department on but in some countries, all the laws are sometimes published by the justice department, some kind of state university library system or a third entity. If at all.

Can you help me?

The reason to collect this data is so that routers are able to provider better routings in areas where there are not speed restrictions posted.

Try this out: - Item 11

Or search everything that has the keyword “had laju” on that page.

Basically. On main expressways speed limit is 110/90 for heavy vehicles. Federal roads (the big ones) is 90/70. Also 60 is also used a lot for smaller/busy areas.

During festive holiday seasons, speed limit for federal roads is usually reduced to 80 temporarily (like that’s going to make a difference to the motorists. It’s death season after all :stuck_out_tongue: )

Thank you, kucai!

Though, the Gazettes concern themselves mostly with A) the temporary reduction to 80 and B) setting the speed limits for certain sections of road.

What I am interested in, is the law that regulates the the speed limits when no signs are present. I think this would be “Perintah Had Laju Kebangsaan 1989”. The wikipedia article apparently links this as a source, but the source is now 404 Not Found.