Default speed limits in Denmark

Hey there, I am working on this:

And I am a bit puzzled by what I found out through this source:

It reads like as long as a bus is below 3.5 tonnes in weight, it can go 130 km/h on a motorway, but above 3.5 tonnes and it is 80 km/h. Nothing in between. Is this correct, or did I miss something?

The source is outdated, read here A bus over 3.5 ton may run 100 km/h when following the rules outlined in this dokument

Thats how I read §42 & §43 too. Nothing in between.

Cool thanks, I will read through the document you linked and update the information (and source) in the wiki article. (Or you can do it too, if you like. I can do probably tomorrow)

Hmm. Didn’t see osmviborgs post before I posted?