Dating changesets and notes


I’m trying to close off some notes near me.

The standard web interface (sorry I forget its name - at tells me a rough date on notes - eg, ‘over a year ago’ etc.

I can get an accurate date (but not time) by viewing the note in iD.

How can I get an actual date for the changeset? I need to know whether a nearby changeset was made before or after the note. Have checked but no joy.

eg quotes ‘Closed over a year ago by (User)’. My cursor changes to a ? symbol when I hover over the approx date, as if it’s a hyperlink, but no further details arrive.


Hi eteb3

when I move the cursor on top of the “over a year ago” text, after 1 second the date (with time) of creating and closure appears as a tip note. Can’t you see it?

You don’t have some sort of popup blocking in place do you? What browser does the problem occur with?

Well I never! Thank you.

It turns out yes, the date does appear if you hover the mouse - ‘sheilds up’ or ‘shields down’ on Brave makes no difference.

But if (as I always thought you had to) you click the approx date instead, no amount of hovering afterwards will make the date appear.

Thank you - all cleared up.

You could try to open last 2 XML links on the changeset page

Good tip.

I’ve updated the wiki to include this. If anyone would like to check I’ve used the right technical language, please do: