Database update not reflected at all zoom levels

I did two small updates to the mapping of the area where I work:
*/ added an elevator to an underground railway platform
*/ removed a bicycle parking.
The modifications are neatly reflected in the vanilla map at zoomlevel 18, but at zoomlevel 19 I still get the previous version. Am I too impatient, or is something blocking re-rendering of the affected tiles?
Changeset is 92063124, the elevator I added is node 7982305392.

You need to relax. If you open the area to edit and those features are already there, they will be soon displayed in its designated zoom levels. Remember that not every feature gets rendered depending on the zoom levels.

Please do not tell me what I need to do - I am a big boy enough to decide that for myself. Besides, who says I am not relaxed?

And yes, rendering may take its time, but usually the finer tiles get re-rendered first, often within minutes. Zoomlevel 13 can take 24 hours, and I have known level 12 tiles to be updated only several days after the modification. But it is quite unusual for level 19 to not have re-rendered after 12 hours, so I wondered if anything could be wrong. And perhaps even if there’s something wrong in my coding.

Perhaps by ‘relax’, CENTSOARER meant ‘be patient’. Local idioms don’t always land where they were aimed at, and I’m sure no offence was meant.

Have you tried clearing your cache? Often I find some solitary tile is stuck there and I’m getting my own copy of the old one. And I think I’ve had tiles not update for well over 12 hours on occasion.

If you can see your edit on any level (or by showing ‘map data’ in iD) then you can be confident it’s in the database and the rendering will, eventually, catch up with it.

Thank you very much. I must admit that I tend to become quite unrelaxed when people tell me what I should do, even if probably no offence was intended.

Most important: the rendering is now complete, perhaps also due to further edits to the same area by another (much valued and respected) mapper.

It is a bit of a pity that the root cause is not evident, and like as not we wil never know. Perhaps it just came through, finally; perhaps rendering was triggered by the other edits, perhaps someone saw my wailing and found the cause and silently corrected a glitch without ever telling anybody (a tendency quite common in professional IT, especially among network engineers. Don’t ask me how I know :wink: )

Case closed, for me.