"database reimport"?

According to http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/index.php?title=Platform_Status&diff=prev&oldid=426438 there’s currently a “database reimport”. What does this mean? Will recent changes be lost?

It means the tile server will be loaded with a fresh copy of the OSM database, after which tile rendering will resume.

While the process of applying minutely updates to the mapnik tile server should be pretty good these days, every now and again the complete database will be reloaded to make a fresh start. This has nothing to do with the OSM database itself, and none of your changes will be lost.

Ah, good. Thanks for the explanation.

I added the comment to the Status page to indicate that the fact that tiles weren’t updating is “normal”, as a routine “reimport” of the mapnik db (not the main db) was ongoing. I.e. to indicate that nothing was wrong. But perhaps I chose the wording a bit wrong…

is this why i can’t see the paths and landcover that i’ve put in over the past two days?
i’ve only been doing this a couple of weeks and was begining to wonder if i was doing something wrong.
i can see all the stuff i’ve done if i export an osmarender jpeg to my pc , but nothing shows on the map.

It would be helpful, if there will be a short announcement on the major communication channels (forum, mailing list, OSM.org, Wiki) that there is a reimport in progress and no rendering of new data will occur during the next days.

It used to be - quite recently, even - the default that the mapnik rendering updates only starting with new data each wednesday, so none of the admins have thought it would be necessary to make the announcement more prominent. This just raises the notion that the current documentation on the wiki could be made even clearer, stating that the rendering is sometimes frozen for a while for technical reasons.

Updating is back :slight_smile: