Data issue in Göteborg / P-hus Nordstan


the DWG has received a message about wrong routing on (which uses OSM) in Göteborg regarding to the Nordstan car park. Apparently when you take the tunnel from Pustervik there’s an exit that is blocked until the end of the year due to construction. Is anyone here from Göteborg? I’d love to send you the full text of the ticket - because I have asked a few questions of the complainant and frankly couldn’t make sense of the responses, I think it needs someone (a) local and (b) with Swedish skills to handle this :wink:


If is using openstreetmap is the referens missing. They refere to mapbox and lantmäteriet.

Do you know how they combine the data? Is the same problem occuring when using Grasshopper?

Since was until summer free från openstreetmap data it not clear if they just introduce a new map or even a new router and witch datasource they are using. (You can still switch to the old map on their side)