Data improvements to water and land use

Hello all,

This is Andrew again with Apple. Our team is planning to work on some limited data corrections and improvements to OSM in Iran around coastal and water features and land use and land cover polygons, such as parks, university and hospital campuses, airports and similar features.

For example, sometimes coastlines and national parks are missing a correct tag, or are digitized inaccurately (maybe due to old low resolution imagery). We will make sure to follow the appropriate OSM and local guidelines. We have been doing a similar project around Africa and in other regions for some time.

I wanted to get your feedback and see if you had any suggestions or knew of any data resources that might help.

There’s more information on our Github page:

Also, thanks to those who contributed to the MapRoulette challenges I posted earlier! I have posted them all here:

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Hello Andrew.

I’m so happy that your team has decided to work on Iran. We also will help you with this project however we can.

Alongside your field of focus, I think urban buildings and public transport routes can be improved quite a lot. Actually, despite other things, some data on public transport timetables and routes can be found.

We ourselves also are trying to complete some maproulette projects on particular tags and naming conventions:

Please feel free to ask anything that requires local knowledge or similar issues.

Thank You,

Thanks for the suggestions Ebrahim! I’m not sure we will do too much on public transport but if we have any questions about that I’ll let you know. Mostly we are focusing on coastlines and large polygons like national parks, universities, airports, hospitals, and so on. Good to know about the MapRoulette challenges too!