Data imports (Tepic, México)

Sometime ago I joined OSM because I wanted to map the city I lived in, mostly because it had only 4 main roads mapped, so I started from scratch. Later I found that someone added map info on small towns near mine, I want to think (but I’m not sure) that it was an automatic import, because the information was (and it still is) very basic, but anyhow, useful. However, my city was left untouched, maybe to avoid duplicate data.

What I want to know, if possible is: Am I right about the data import? It’s possible to know who did it? And finally, it’s possible to merge my city data (if it exists in the import) with the actual OSM data?

Hi and welcome to the forum

If you can provide a permalink of the area (link on lower right corner on we can take a closer look on the data.

You can also check by yourself who created the data if you enable the data layer on (menu in upper right corner). If enabled just click on a way or node and take closer look on the details and history of the object.