Data import and license compatibility

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to help a nice user who has interesting data ready to import, but there’s a potential problem: he already published the same data elsewhere under a Creative Commons 2.5 BY-NC-ND license. Unfortunately I don’t know enough about licensing. Since he generated the data himself, would it be legal to publish the same data under OSM’s ODbL?

If no sufficient answer here … try the legal-talk mailing list according to

If he owns the rights to the data, he is able to publish the data under further licences.
CC and CT/ODbL are non-exclusive licences.

Thank you stephan75 and Mondschein. We just verified that the publisher did not impose any contract requiring transfer of property rights, so I guess it is fine as long as we don’t take the published data and instead we take the data received directly from the user. Even though the result would be exactly the same, any attribution to the publisher would clearly be a mistake under any perspective. Because this can lead to various imports over Brazil, I’ll be extra cautious and ask again at the legal-talk mailing list to be sure nothing has been overlooked.