Cycle shop closed down: how to tag?

Hi all

AJ Cycles in Rushden has moved premises.

It seems to me that it would be useful info to have this recorded on the Cycle layer of the map: if I simply delete the old site, people who knew it (and may not know how OSM works) may be unsure whether it’s simply missing from the map or has closed.

Perhaps in the days of smartphones this isn’t necessary - but is there a way to indicate that a site has closed, so it still appears on the map but in such a way that no one would bother visiting?

I’m aware of the disused tag - may be a solution?



I’d suggest remapping it as whatever it is now. If that’s not an option, or if it’s shut at the moment try “disused:shop”. That’s used quite often: .

I don’t know of any maps that show disused cycle shops, but it wouldn’t surprise me if somewhere there was one!

Thanks, will do that.