Cycle Routes (Sustrans)

I started a couple of threads over on Reddit as I hadn’t found these forums… in r/ukbike and r/openstreetmap

I’ve been having a go at “fixing” the ordering of OSM relations for my local routes and also trying to fill any gaps etc. This means that the elevation maps look nice when viewed on sites like It might also help to improve the .gpx file downloads you can get from that site! (I’ve not checked)
For example I have done the whole of NCN 22 from South London through to Portsmouth and then the Isle of Wight section. I was in two minds as to whether to include the foot ferry or not (there was a ferry link included when I started my fixes). Here you can see the results:!51.0108!-0.7451 (click on the Elevation drop down and compare with other routes).

I’m not sure whether there is (or should/could be?) a standard way to organise these in the UK. For now this is all in one relation so possibly should be split into sections and then one super-relation to group them. This might be useful when several routes/trails follow the same route but I’m not sure how you’d do the tagging/labelling/naming for this (especially as much of NCN 22 is also a long-distance footpath - The Shipwright’s Way).

Is there any appetite to try and fix up these routes?

(Replying to this one rather than starting a new thread on the same topic).

Sustrans have declassified 25% of the NCN routes and are publishing a revised network map today.
Presumably, it will take time to remove all the NCN signage from these routes.

Is there any plan to import a mass update to these routes on OSM?
Or will their highway/cycle way tags be updated as and when the signs are removed?

For info, it’s been mentioned on the mailing list: