Cycle lane contraflow visibility on map

I’m new here so forgive me if this has been discussed or solved already! Open Street Map is amazing for viewing cycle paths and for planning routes, but when viewing the map I can’t see a way of telling if a road has a contraflow cycle lane on it. See Munton Road SE17 for example. When I’m in editing mode I can see that the contraflow cycle lane is there, but viewing the map, the road just looks like a one way street.

Is there any way of viewing a map that includes this information? Even OpenCycleMap doesn’t include it!


I’m not aware of any online map displaying that. I use the offline OpenAndroMap with Locus on my Smartphone. That one displays contraflow lanes in its bicycle mode.

I think shows it in a sense? I’m not 100% familiar with the map style, but there are no oneway indicators on Munton Road (whereas there are on the New Kent Road to the north).

Yes, this map shows it:

See also

Thanks for the replies! Those alternative versions are cool, seems a shame though that the OpenStreetMap cycle layer is showing things a bit different.

There is supposed to be a little one way arrow with the green arrow pointing in the opposite direction showing a contraflow cycle lane. But seems like it’s not always showing up. see Munton Road SE17 for example. also Bath Street EC1V.

They’re both visible on the map posted by ligfietser so they’re definitely tagged as contraflows in some way, but maybe they’re not tagged 100% properly?


I see something like that on Bunhill Lane if I follow Bath Street south, is that what you expect to see on Bath Street? There is a difference in tagging - Bunhill Lane is tagged with a contraflow track and Bath Street with a contraflow lane. Both look to be correctly tagged (assuming that the difference reflects a physical difference on the ground).

I read that OpenCycleMap (OCM) understands “cycleway=opposite_lane” but not the “cycleway:left” key, eg. “cycleway:left=opposite_lane”.

That explains why some one-way roads with contra-flow cycle lanes/tracks are displayed with the grey/green arrows in OCM as expected, while other roads don’t.

Bunhill Row is actually a good example! The road is one way northbound for cars. For cycles traveling south: The northern section between Old Street and Featherstone street is actually a separated track - with a small kerb between the road and the cycle lane. Then south of Featherstone Street there is no cycle lane at all, there are just signs to say that cycles can travel against the one-way traffic.

Open Street Map shows this contraflow nicely for the south section, but not the north section!

Shohreh: interesting! I’ll have a closer look at the tags!