custom background settings and then some

hello, hi, i’ve been clicking through all the options for a good half an hour now, and still none the wiser - how am I supposed to turn off all the ‘contribution’ clutter when editing? I’ve uploaded a ‘custom background’, but I can barely even see it through all the icons and what not. and can’t I select more than one background? cheers

which website are you using?

isn’t this forum about Openstreetmap?

Yes, but are you using or or … ? (if you clicked edit there), is meant to edit the OSM database. It is not meant to make a custom map.

Edit: Perhaps you should state what you want to achieve? E.g. do you want to be able to display a custom map that only shows certain features, your own points-of-interests, etc.? Do you want to edit OpenStreetMap data (and make it available to others) via the iD editor? Do you want to trace data from a custom map for this?

I was trying to use - I wasn’t aware of now I see there’s also,,, - it’s like a rabbit hole out there! I was just trying to see if I can upload an old map, pin it to the current one, and enter some old data. obviously I don’t know what I’m doing, and I’m happy to leave it at that. cheers.

OK, now that we know on which site you were and what you were trying to achieve it should be easier to help you.

I haven’t used iD all that much myself, I use JOSM, a java editor which is normally more powerful.
Until recently it was not possible to hide objects in iD. In JOSM you can create filters to hide objects that might block your view.
JOSM also allows you to have multiple layers whose visibility can be controlled. iD only has those for small number of overlays.

iD is targetted to novice mappers, they usually to not need all this functionality. If you are still interested, please try out JOSM.

thanks for the advice, but I have no idea about what any of it means - I have zero knowledge of Java, or any programning for that matter, so I’ll back off. feel free to close this ticket.

Sounds like you want to click the Map Data button on the right (or press F) and scroll all the way to the bottom of the menu. You can filter individual elements or click “Disable All”.