Crisis tags are more and more not entered

At the start of my contribution to crisis mapping I tried to add earthquake:damage=collapsed_building to the objects that had yet only building=collapsed, but fact is that I find so much of those objects now, that I’m beginning to think it’s not so necessary anymore. Am I wrong here? Also many camp_sites are missing this earthquake tag.

On the wiki Humanitarian OSM Tags page I think they mean that OSM mappers should use the tags on this wiki and then those would be converted to the Humanitarian Data Model at some point in time. Is that a correct assumption?

I dont really know the answer to your question. I’ve never mapped earthquake damaged buildings actually. For Japan there’s still some missing roads and hospitals etc which you can do more valuable remote mapping work with.

From a quick glance the Humanitarian Data Background appears to give a more pragmatic useful overview of tags actually in use. Better to follow what other mappers are doing.

Great that this is made available here as I am also part of a simple crisis response software committee for our area.

I think that above being able to come up with a full running and perfectly fine software, it would be important to let the possible users get familiar with all the things that would make it run.

Say, the tags should be used properly just so there would be no problem with possibly making use of them in the future.

Hi Hans and honhee,

Great to see people taking an interest in what is happening. In crisis mapping the work is done through the Tasking Manager and each activation has it’s own set of instructions as to how to map and tag features.

Crisis mapping is not about creating perfect maps with perfect tags but about creating maps that are good enough to meet the requirements of the aid teams on the ground who need that information in a way that is useful to them.

In Nepal there is a group already set up called Kathmandu Living Labs and they will be working on the mapping of Nepal after the crisis is over. If you want to offer your services in that respect I am sure you will be able to contact them on their website.

Please do not alter or amend any of the tags in Nepal at this stage at it makes it more difficult for the teams on the ground to do a search for specific data.

Please feel free to investigate the Tasking manager and help if you can.



The NY Times had an article about the Nepal earthquake that mentions that organization and OpenStreetMap. I think it is pretty good exposure to KLL, OSM and HOT: