Crisis Mapping and GOMAP (iOS)


I would like to help in crisis mapping and I thought I could do that easily from my iPad Pro with pencil. Well… that is not entirely true. I’ve tried ID (browser) and because that is not accurate at all and slow I downloaded GoMap. After searching I can’t find the way to connect the OSM Task manager with a crisis map to load in GoMap, edit and upload it back. I’ve searched LearnOSM, GoMap, OpenStreetMap but no luck so far. It shouldn’t be that hard. So if there is anyone out there that has an easy way to help me please contact me.

I would like to contribute but this way I cantor help. I don’t own a PC (every help is mouse click oriented) just an iPad Pro…

Hope to hear from you soon. Also if it’s not possible…


There is no integration of the HOT task manager and GoMap. The task manager only supports iD and JOSM.

Those tasks are better performed on a decently sized screen of a portable or desktop computer. A smartphone is not suited IMHO.

I wonder why you say that iD is not accurate. Positioning a mouse cursor is more precise that positioning something with your fingers on a small screen. Of course iD is not meant to be used on smartphones/tablets.

I really hope you will give iD (or JOSM) another try on your computer. All help is welcome

[Edit: Go Map!! does support way editing, so I removed my remark on that]

My practical and non-PC take on this is: let whereever* you want to remote map be and take your phone with GoMap! and go mapping outside where you live.

  • I suspect it is Nepal, which is already one of the best mapped third world countries.