Creek name not updating at all scales

I edited the name of a creek over 1 day ago, and although my edits posted, I am still seeing the previous creek name at certain scales. When I zoom in and out it changes from the old name to the new name, and it changes at different scales for certain segments. When I review the feature in edit mode, I am able to confirm that I successfully updated the name on all intended segments. I assume this has to do with the way map tiles are cached. Does anyone know how long it would reasonably take to show the corrected name at all scale ranges? Thanks!

See you use ID Editor, so if on windows hit Ctrl+F5 and see if that has effect. (Works for Carto Standard near immediate… 1 minute or so update require of the rendered map)

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This helped, thank you!!

Good. For imagery with a zoom of up to 1km the updating of the Carto map is generally very quick with that key combo. The view of 2km and greater updates only on Friday night on this site.