Creating url to staticmap in jpg-format


is it possible to create a url to a map with openstreetmap?

I´m thinking of like the staticmap of googlemaps:,12.3&zoom=2&size=400x400

I´m not interested in alle the function of zooming and so on. I just want a static map, depending on lat and lon i set in url.

Thanks an regards.

You can try:

Look here for more help:

To get also a pushpin pointer use mlat= and mlon= with openstreetmap requests instead of lat and lon.


thanks, but i´ve known these opportunities, yet.

So, the problem is, that all these solutions link finally to an app. What i need is to create dynamically an url to a real picture of a map. JPG woould be nice.

The staticmap-function with a url like this,12.3&zoom=2&size=400x400 & google-developer-key & .jpg” creates a jpg-picture.

It would be nice, if someone has an idea how to manage this with openstreetmap.


I guess you would like to get static maps from some external service instead of setting up your own? Or just exporting image with OSM Export and placing the image on your own web site? I do not know any free alternative but If you are ready to pay for the service you may check the WMS alternative from Geofabrik .

Hmm, i don´t really want static maps. I want to create a jpg-map via url. The url will depend on values created by an external application. So the created jpg is theoretically dynamic.

I see, it wouldn´t be as easy as using an url like: “http:\” and i have to use an external service for this.

Thanks and regards.