Creating my own custom tiles in PNG


Firstly - thanks for a really cool service :sunglasses:

I really need some help from you experts. :slight_smile: I’ve spent the day reading up on OSM in your wiki as well as articles on the internet. However I think my “problem” is a bit odd and I have not been able to find an answer for it.

What I would like to do is to create custom PNG images for each and every municipality (city) in my home country. Theese images will later be used in PDFs and I will overlay them with POI:s from my own DB.

If I understand this correct, I can download the OSM “database” from this archive:
I then need some sort of tool that can render custom image tiles, found here:
The software will have to allow me to specify height, width (output) as well as bouderys (or center long,lat + width& height) - It should also preferably be scriptable (non gui?) as there are hundreds of municipalitys.

Could this be done? Am I on the right track?


My first hint goes to

I heard that it is scriptable via some language?

Hi stephan75, thanks for pointing me into the right direction. I’ve started laborating with Maperitive now and I think this could be it - it’s really powerful!

Is there a list with all rules that applies for Maperitive? I can’t find any online…

I know only the documentaion via … or ask at their googlegroups mailinglist, it seems to be quite active there.