creating Israel map for print - please give an advice

I spent very nice holiday in Israel - 7days in June - and would like to create a map showing all places we visited and also some other. I am using QuantumGIS for this task and a result would be printable map (optimal for A3 paper, but with limitation also printable to A4) in PNG or PDF. This map I would like to send to my friends and other people who were in our group and I also plan to upload it somewhere under free license and share it. I already found some datasources - shapefile exports from OSM on Cloudmate site etc. but there are some problems:

  1. I cannot find datasource where there are also English names - in fact I wanted to keep Hebrew labels (If there will be enough space on the map) but also add the English ones. Of course, I can find coordinates of the places on Wikipedia, convert them to decimal format and create point shapefile from scratch. The places I want to have on my map are for example: Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Herodium, Masada, Tiberias, Yardenit, Akko, Haifa, Tel Aviv, also Golan Heights etc.

  2. The downloadable osm or shapefiles for Israel are very poor in contrast to what I see on so that is probably only basic export. The only detailed one was for Gaza :frowning: My favourite server unfortunately does not have any data for Israel. I found out that QGIS is able to download OSM data, but not for whole Israel. Is there any possibility to get the data?

any advice would be helpful


Czech Republic