creating garmin image file with rendering

I am trying to build a garmin image file with rendering and have a few questions. Please forgive any naive questions, as I am rather new to all this.

The instructions given at apparently create something “Roughly comparable with OpenCycleMap”. Why only roughly? Is it possible to reproduce the maps as shown on exactly?

When I run
java -jar /mkgmap-r1632/mkgmap.jar --style-file=cyclemap --list-styles
from a directory containing cyclemap.TYP, I get the following error:
“Could not list style file cyclemap”

Why can’t I see the cyclemap styles? What am I doing wrong here?

I would like to create a map for Southern Germany, Austria and Northern Italy. Are there any tools or procedures for splitting the country osm files according to regions? I just found that there is a file specifically for the alps at geofabrik, so maybe I don’t need to know how to do this now, but if anyone can let me know how this is done, then I would appreciate it.

Are there any instructions for getting and including the topography data, as mentioned in the article above?

That article is a bit confusing. The TYP file is not the mkgmap style file. The style file is this directory here:
So download all of that, then mkgmap should find it.

Use tile splitter to split up an osm file into smaller pieces.

Thanks for your reply.
Regarding point 1, it seems that the rendering styles for are not freely available. Fair enough, I suppose, although with a name like opencyclemap, you would be forgiven for assuming it would be.

Regarding point 2, I noticed that shortly after having posted. My mistake.

Regarding point 3, splitter seems to split an osm file into more manageable chunks. I can’t work out how to use it to select an area to be written into a smaller osm file. Can this tool do this?

Regarding point 4, groundtruth looks promising.

No, I don’t thnk that’s possible with splitter. You can do that with Osmosis:
It can extract the area within a bounding box or a polygon from an osm file. There’s some examples on that wiki page.
You can then split this into smaller pieces with splitter if you want.

Splitter can take a file as input that defines the bounding boxes of the different tiles you want. Is this what you meant?