Creating android app that uses OSM, custom maps, other features

Hi, for my university degree I chose a project that has the goal to provide
a. navigation functionality on the uni campus with
b. a focus on the navigation for handicapped people (alternative ways around the campus that are wheelchair friendly)
c. some additional features like information about the uni facilities (for example opening hours of the library)
all in an android application.

The campus I’m talking about is this:

My (very rough plan) is:

  • I already obtained a very detailed .dwg file of the area that can be used to add more detail (currently trying to figure out how to export to another format, not found a good converter and the Autocad software seems nice, but unfortunately somehow manages to destroy my bootloader as it writes to the boot sector)
  • create a custom map of the area adding relevant information (uni facilities, adding more details to certain areas, add/ edit barriers relevant to the wheelchair aspect)
  • find ‘waypoints’ (I know that’s not the correct term in OSM lingo) that can be used for navigation (eg ‘go to big statue, then turn left’)
  • learn to work with osmdroid
  • create the basic application (show my custom map)
  • possibly set up an own OSM- Server to serve my own custom tiles to the app?
  • the navigation algorithm and other ‘hard coding’ stuff will be provided by my mentor of the project
  • set up additional features, for example ‘click on library and get opening hours’, as of yet I have no idea how to do this

As you can see I’m at the very start and a bit overwhelmed which even prevents me from asking precise questions.

So if anyone has ideas, can tell me if my ‘roadmap’ makes any sense, has experience in doing OSM stuff on android, can recommend certain software: I would greatly appreciate any hints!

Greets, Asco33

You already know here in the forum and the linked page there to the android section in the OSM wiki??

There are some open source android apps dealing with OSM data about displaying etc.

Please tell us your result of investigation so that we can give more hints.