Create visual style

Hi all.
Is it possible to configure map(only for viewing) with own visual styles? Colors of roads, forests, land, water etc.? Example below.

Perhaps the “easiest” to use is
not sure if that’s what you need.

More advanced at

The answer’s “yes”, but the $64,000 question is really “what sort of map?”. If you want somethiing that you can put on a website that people can scroll around, or something that’s just a static picture (perhaps to print out), or something that would work on an app in a phone, then different sorts of maps will work better in each case.

To answer just the first of those, the “standard” map that you see at is actually made out of little tiles such as . The thing that turns OSM data into those .png files is a “map style”, and the one for OSM’s “standard” tiles is at . An example bit of code in there is - that says “when you need to add a bank to the map use this picture, and this colour, and only do it when the zoom level is 17 or more”.

You can either modify that style to look slightly different, or (perhaps easier if you want a simple map) start your own style from scratch.

Thank you all, I’ll try your proposal but also found Maperative and it’s enough for me.