Create Routing with OSM Data?

Hello everyone,
I’ve been trying to create Routing traces with OSM Data, but I didn’t succeed. It’s obvious that you can perform Routing traces with OSM Data as many websites do (for exemple OSMR, GraphHopper Maps, Valhalla), but the PBF or SHP Data that you can download from OSM (for example in Geofabrik) it’s seems that the fields don’t have information enough to do it.
The Linestrings data that include information about the roads have the tag “oneway”, but we don’t know in which direction. It’s true that also exists the tag “lane:forward” and “lane:backwards” that informs about the direction, but you just can find them in a very few cases.
So, how it works to make known and specify the directions you might take if you are driving from point A to point B? Do you need a special library, module or software?

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oneway= refers to the direction of the way as expressed in the node order. So if a way goes through nodes 53, 87, 98 and 46, then “oneway=yes” means it’s oneway from node 53 towards node 46.

Seems you want to invent the wheel again from scratch :wink:
Maybe you find some hints here: