Create Google Maps from OpenStreetMap data: converting WAYS to NODES?

I would like to create a Google Map by importing data into it, e.g. the volleyball pitches in an area:

The thing is, I can export data from OSM to GPX format, and import this into gmaps easily.
However, only the NODES are loaded, whereas the WAYS are lost in the Gmap.

Having said that, I could convert every WAY to a NODE, for example by converting the following way

      <link href="" />
      <name>way 151527792</name>
         <trkpt lat="46.0570556" lon="11.1367906" />
         <trkpt lat="46.0568935" lon="11.1367927" />
         <trkpt lat="46.0568943" lon="11.1369187" />
         <trkpt lat="46.0570564" lon="11.1369165" />
         <trkpt lat="46.0570556" lon="11.1367906" />

into the following node (I should average the lat and log, which I did not do in this example though).

   <wpt lat="46.0570556" lon="11.1367906">
      <link href="" />
      <name>way 151527792</name>

Then, saving the GPX file and importing it into GMAPS works perfectly.

This process however takes time, although it could be done with a script…

Do you have a better solution or am I on the right track?

Thanks a lot.

I did a script, see

You appear to be describing importing OpenStreetMap data into Google MapMaker.

When you do this you warrant to Google that you have the right to do so. I do not believe that the license of OpenStreetMap gives you the kind of ownership to warrant to Google that this is so.

I would appreciate an immediate reply, because if this has been done we will have to ask Google to remove any such data.


Dear SK53,

Thank you very much for your information.

Firstly, please let me clarify that my script was intended for user-generated maps in, not in, although the two services are very similar.

According to the OSM licence (,

Without going into unnecessary details, it appears that Google (cfr. e.g. does not meet the above requirements for sharing data from OSM.

If this is correct, I agree that importing OpenStreetMap data into Google services is not legally possible.