Create a circle, mark-up subsections within the circle.

Absolute beginner.

General project description:

The National Audubon Society has a link to the circles used in their annual Christmas Bird Counts.

Each circle has the coordinates of its center point and a circle shown that has a radius of 7.5 miles (I’d like to know how to do that.)

I want to be able to get, download, create (?) one of the circles as my project and then mark-up that circle with internal boundaries.


Hi, there will be no referentials in the fields of your circle is not it so ? In Open Street Map it is a basic rule Map What’s on the Ground !
With exceptions for administrative borders.
By that rule you should not map circle like that and add it to OSM.
You could use your local PC and a local file, then it is possible with JOSM to draw a circle and the editor has a tool for drawing circles.