COVID-19 closures

Hi everyone,

Having this pandemia evolving, most of the countries have lots of public places closed.
I wonder if there is a possibility to create a new layer (or map key), called “COVID-19 closure”. It will define the areas, which are closed due to quarantine. It will help people to understand the real situation, when they plan their trips during the pandemia.
I’d like to contribute in Northen New Jersey and New York Hudson area.


There are tags already used for opening_hours or delivery specific for the COVID-19 virus, but I don’t see how to map (and how this could be useful) such different and evolving types of “closures” for entire countries.
People in Italy so far cannot move IF they don’t have specific reasons (work, health, buy food), and they have to wear masks and gloved, and stay 1m away from each other… None of these elements, in my opinion, can and should be mapped in OSM.
On the other hand, parks are closed, many (but not all) shops are closed to the public (but maybe they can deliver food), others changed opening hours. All these elements need specific detailed mapping, and in some cases, this is happening.
You can maybe tag entire Italy as “closed” for COVID, but it’s not really so, and different regions in Italy have slightly different rules.
I guess similar complications exist in other countries…

Maybe some conditional restrictions help (access:conditional=*)

For example if the closure is until May 15
access:conditional=no@(2020 Mar 24-2020 May 15)

I’m not sure if if worths, because only a few apps like Osmand that are live updating everytime could use this data “with expiry date”.

It can be helpful for the United States, where the movements aren’t restricted, but lots of public places closed. Many of them don’t have specific working hours (like playgrounds or trails), so the map can be definitely helpful.
Of course, the solution will not work for the countries, where travel restrictions apply.

Please see here:

The French community started this, it spread to Germany and Finland and some renders or geocoding tools already respect this extra tag.