Couple of Questions

Hi All

Just starting to use OSM more seriously. I have steadily been digitising the local authority where I live - mainly just drawing houses and tagging them as house.

Did happen to download all maps for the UK at the weekend there and noticed that in the shape file format that most of the hosues that I had digitised weren’t showing up in the downloaded maps.

I have been digitising for about a year now I would have thought that they might have been in the downloads?

Also if I wanted to try and update attribute information in the trunk data set can someone point me in the direction of the best instructions that might allow me to at least studying what might work for me.

Thanks in advance


Can you explain where you did the “download in shape file format” from? I’m guessing it’s a 3rd-party site and presumably their shapefiles include whatever data the 3rd-party wanted to have included in them.

Hi SE - I actually downloaded it from Geofabrik site - its quite possible that they don’t hold a trunk copy but it was a suggested download so I thought it might be up to date

It’ll be “up to date” as of the date on e.g. , and according to should contain buildings. By its very nature a shapefile will be missing things - OSM is not limited to specific tags, whereas a shapefile is.

Can you link to a building that you’ve added or an area where you’ve added buildings so that someone can have a look to think why they might not be included?

This shows the scotland wide shape file downloaded around the 31st of July and only the buildings selected against the open street area of the same place at the same date.

The same image available for closer inspection is here.

and here is the link to the location in open street map

A significant amount of the digitisation I have done in West Lothian / Scotland doesn’t seem to be appearing in the Geofabrick download - I will try overpass


I’m the person who makes the Geofabrik extracts. I have downloaded the current (223990566 bytes) and loaded the buildings layer in QGIS, and overlaid it over the current OSM map. Everything looks correct:

The building file has 556058 polygons.

Is it possible that there’s a bug in the software you are using to display the shape?

Btw. I noticed the funny naming of the A899 as it passes through Broxburn - first it’s “East Main Street”, then “West Main Street”, then “East Main Street” again - bug in the data, or quirk in naming?


Frederik - many thanks for your work very much appreciated - I guess I must be doing something wrong with the download.

Frederik - the street names are correct - that urban area is the amalgamation of two orignal small hamlets. Uphall to the West and Broxburn to the east which are now totally indistinguishable. Both had main streets both had crosses and both main streets to the west were west and both to the east were east.

Thanks again for your work.

Postscript - apologies this was an error on my part - I had downloaded shape file copies six months apart and put the wrong layer in QGIS - the buildings are there - thanks for assistance.