Couple JOSM questions

Hi, a question or two…

  1. Is there a plugin that mimics Potlatch 2’s ‘next node in a way’ function? It’s represented by the “<” and “>” shortcut keys in P2. I found it very handy in aligning traces to new Bing imagery (with possibly offset later when sufficient GPS tracks are available), compared to the ‘W’ key in JOSM.

  2. In JOSM, if I save an editing session for later without uploading the changeset, how do I ensure that the data doesn’t conflict with the one from the server when I resume editing? Usually, when I continued editing, the server will download an existing copy onto my data layer, thus duplicating nodes and everything else. I am afraid to use the “Update xxx” from the menu, in case the changes I made gets wiped out by data from the server.

Not sure about your first question, for your second: Under the file menu is “Update Data” (command-U on Mac, maybe ctrl-U on other OSes) which should update your reloaded saved data with changes already in OSM but should not wipe out your edits.

  1. When you use the “update data” function none of your data will be wiped. Instead if there is a newer version of an object on the server, then you will get a “conflict”. Then you need to choose for this object if you want to use the server version or your local modified version.

In general it is not a good idea to wait long until you upload your data, because you can run into those conflicts, which can be annoying to resolve them all manually.

I don’t know what you mean with 1).
I see no ‘next node in a way’ function or ‘<’ or ‘>’ in the shortcut list, when I open the help in P2.

edit: ah, now I see. It is ‘.’ and ‘,’.

  1. I don’t know if this behavior is possible in JOSM, however I don’t really see for what this would be useful.

If you have an offset, you could move the whole way. If you want to adjust single nodes just move them or use W-mode. (When you hold down ctrl in W-mode you can add nodes).

I don’t understand whats the gain, if you select a node with a shortcut when you need to select it with the mouse afterwards anyway.

for no 1, its mainly related to convenience. I don’t have to drag the map to download new areas, drag click drag click. In potlatch, I go nextnode-drag nextnode-drag, with the possibility to jump directly from head to the tail of a way at maximum imagery zoom level. Trying to align a 50km long hiway at max zoom level is much easier the potlatch way, in my opinion.

In my region, I can wait weeks to upload and nobody will touch the data… :slight_smile:


You can create a JOSM ticket and ask for this enhancement. I think this would fit best to the plugin “utilsplugin2”, as it already offers a lot of special selction modes: