County/State GIS Data

I’m the GIS Coordinator for a small county in Virginia and I want to upload the road centerline shapefiles I have for my county, or even for the state of Virginia. How can I do this? Can .shp files be uploaded to OSM in a few clicks? If so we could convert my county or the entire state of Virginia to the absolute most accurate data out there, instead of the crappy TIGER files.

I don’t want to have to go through my entire county deleting driveways and changing road names and geometry manually. Someone please help so we can get some good accurate map data out there to the public instead of the mess Google and Tele Atlas have. Thanks!

Levi Coldiron
GIS coordinator
Scott County, VA

You may want to ask in the Import Mailinglist, they should be able to answer your questions:

There’s also a bit of information available in the wiki.