Country-wide automated fix


Most boundary relations in Brazil have a small problem: they’re tagged with “type=boundary” instead of “type=multipolygon”. OSMI warns about it almost everywhere:,duplicate_ways,intersections,intersection_lines,ring_not_closed_hull,ring_not_closed,unconnected_end_nodes,touching_inner_rings_hull,touching_inner_rings,role_mismatch_hull,role_mismatch,duplicate_tags_hull,duplicate_tags,multipolygons_type_is_boundary,type_is_boundary,ways,role_markers,way_end_nodes,way_nodes

The wiki implies that this is not wrong but it seems to be an obsolete practice.

I think it can be fixed (perhaps entirely) by:

  • downloading all relations in Brazil of “type=boundary” that also contain the tag “boundary=administrative”
  • changing the type tag to “type=multipolygon”

If I could download all those relations in JOSM (but not one by one, since they’re many) I’d be able to make the fix myself, but I’m not sure how to do it. Any ideas on how to do that? Should we call admins to help?

I think you have that backwards. That wiki page says type=multipolygon is deprecated for boundaries, you should use type=boundary instead.
I’m not sure what you mean about OSM Inspector. It can show plenty of things that are not actually errors.

Note if doing large scale automated edits, you should follow the guidelines. ie discuss it with the community first.

The quality-assurance-tools should be correct though, otherwise they are useless.

I wrote woodpeck and asked about this.