Country Borders -> Shapefiles

So, I’ve been trying to work this out for around three hours now, and figured it was time to just admit that I need some more experienced people to point out whatever blatantly obvious functions I’m missing.

If anyone could walk me thru how take this country border
and convert it into a shape file which I could download and import into QGIS, I’d be extremely grateful.


Download the relation with browser or curl or wget as japan.osm

Theoretically you can open it directly with QGIS simply with Add vector layer - All files - japan.osm. However, it looks like GDAL which is opening the data wants that an environment variable “OSM_USE_CUSTOM_INDEXING=NO” is set. I am not sure how to set that for QGIS.

Myself I would convert the relation first into Spatialite db and open that with QGIS. Open GDAL command window and set the environment, on Windows as
ogr2ogr -f SQLite -dsco spatialite=yes japan.sqlite japan.osm
then add Spatialite layer, Borders of Japan are on layer “multipolygons”

In the german subforum, wambacher published a Tool to export Boundary-Relations as Shape-Files. You could ask there to add Japan to the supported countries and/or open-source it to use it yourself.