Country based authorizations

as well as local laws

I would not go so far. In some cases even going against the law of the place where you are is the correct solution (but one should be aware of risks in case of doing this).

I would not treat local laws as very important in general or in this case (see China mapping law, see India censorship laws as applying to maps of Kashmir etc)


I totally agree with you.

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Hello, this is a temporary account, since it seems blocking Saigon2k1 OSM account does not allow me login even in this discussion forum.

I would like to present this case to clarify what I meant by stating that the absence of information is information. In object history you can see how the military area has been repeatedly modified in an attempt to make it not visible to casual users, until it was completely removed at the initiative of the DWG.

By comparing the layers of this map you will easily realize which objects have disappeared, hence resulting interesting for whatever enemy.

Considering that the area was recently hit by a russian missile attack, is the DWG still sure that arbitrarily altering OSM objects (and imposing its version with user blocks and edit wars) brings good results?

See here for a previous discussion of that. Whether users prevented from editing OSM should be prevented from posting here is a matter for the global moderators here.

Untrue. What happened here was that you attempted to evade a block and the revert was just to the previous state before your change (which you can see by looking at the diff, of course). This is an entirely usual response in such circumstances.

The DWG has no particular view how certain objects should be mapped here, merely that as discussed previously your actions appear to be entirely at odds with those of the local community. They asked you to stop, you did not, and we were asked to stop you, so we did.

If you have a problem with the actions of the Ukrainian OSM community or the DWG here I can only suggest that you escalate the issue to the OSM board.

– Andy (from the DWG)

Edited: to add link to github issue


I have deleted two new messages from this thread.

One authored by a further iteration of Saigon2k because they are clearly acting in violation of the terms of service for OSMF operated infrastructure by trying to evade blocks by creating new accounts.

The 2nd message was widely off-topic and out of place here.


I recommend bringing this to the OSMF directly.