Could you identify the brown things ? #Mozambique #CycloneIdai

Hi , [this is my first post]

I fail to identify the brown things visible on the following sat view.

I need to know (at least) if these are dwellings or not.

View -19,58778, 35,162331 with Bing :

As you can see, there are quite a few in **Mozambique ** (Sofala Province, Dondo District)

Thanks for any response. Maybee a photograph ?


from slack:

Carla Hondius [vor 1 Tag]
@Ambior @Marcel Ottiger @r_aytoun @russell.deffner I found these on the internet, similar ones. They seem to be charcoal productions.

Ok it’s quite sure indeed:

“coal kilns” as mentioned in the article.

I wonder if there are other forms of coals kilns that could have mislead our mapping in Mozambique but the article seems to answer no.

Thank you very much for your search/answer ! :slight_smile: