Could not view OSM maps on official website from Morocco


I have troubles to see ajax maps :

  1. From where I am (Morocco / Ubuntu+firefox), keep showing white map. I some occasions, with luck, I have one level of map and after that everything is white.
  2. works great (maybe the tiles aren’t located on the same server)
  3. On the same network, other computer with windows XP : doesn’t work too. So it doesn’t seem to be a linux or browser problem.

Does anyone know why ajax loading doesn’t work ? I also have troubles with tangogps (on ubuntu) sometimes but right after downloading the map on /tmp/Maps, everything is OK.

So to resume : dynamic map loading doesn’t work but tiles downloading works like a charm.

I know it’s a difficult question, thanks in advance :wink:

Maybe you have a firewall that blocks multiple simultaneous requests to the same webserver, or a proxy that misbehaves.

Others have had this problem too, see: