Could not get any sources


Up until today I was happily using JOSM with Google wms server at
The new satellite images can no longer be loaded, but instead there is a red message saying:
Could not get any sources:
HTTP Error”:

Could anyone advise how to fix th issue and explain what is causing the error?



Did you trace information from Google’s satellite images ? This is not allowed !

The issue is resolved. just had to get the new version of the link.
Btw, we have a licence for the google api.

Who is “we” ? And it’s not because you have a license for the Google API that you are allowed to trace from its imagery. That are 2 different things. If you continue to trace from Google Imagery, we will have to inform the DWG and all your changes will have to be reverted.

At the end rest assure that you don’t add any data from google imagery to the OSM database. Thanks!
Currently user khassen didn’t add any changesets.

I see your concern. Please be assured that I have not uploaded anything from Google to the OSM maps. This was just a query from my point to fix a problem I had earilier since I was seeking for expertise. Now the issue is resolved and we can drop the subject.