Could Garmin GPS be used to record the roads?

There are a few new development in my town. I only have Garmin GPS. Can Garmin GPS be used to record those new roads?

I don’t own a Garmin GPS, but there are tens of models.
From our perspective it doesn’t really matter how you acquire GPS traces as long as there are reasonably precise. Just if you happen to have a unit with navigation, remember to disable snapping to roads in recorded tracks.

Walk slowly, do not drive a car. With a speed of 1 m/sec = 3.6 km/h you will record a new position every 1 meter, assuming your GPS records one position per second (many GPS’s do that). This will produce a reliable track.

The key thing is to make sure the “Snap to road” feature is set to OFF. I will depend on the model but is often under Track setup. Set recording interval to time and 1 s.

Driving is actually fine for a first cut, cycling is probably best (good signal to noise, quicker). Even a fairly small new subdivision may involve A LOT of walking. If you are driving at say 20 mph then 1 s interval is still roughly every 8 metres or so: fine except for very fine points.

Walking does not deliver the most precise tracks. You get more track points per distance, but they are more scattered.
Reasons: Walking a smooth line ist more difficult by foot than by bicycle or car, changing of orientation/shadowing is more frequent, the noise reducing Kalman filters in the devices work more efficiently at higher speeds.