Costum export route


If I’m planing a trip with a car let’s say from Porto (Portugal) to Riga (Latvia), can I export only maps for the route I planned from Porto to Riga and additionally the destination city.
I would want the map for planed road ± 1 km of surrounding details with Gas stations, rest places, dining …

Now I can export only square maps of only 90% of whole Europe.

Is something like this possible?

Using you can extract a polygon shape of the map route required. I think that these maps are specially suited to bicycles but may be fine for car navigation too.
Using you can use manual tile selection and choose just the tiles that cover your route.
The only other option i know of is to download the .osm map data bit by bit along the narrow route, save it to your hard drive using josm and then use to convert the .osm file to garmin format for your gps.

Ohhh, surprise!
The extract using is actually quite usable! I was thinking about something more automatic, but this does the job. Thanks nevw!

Was a feature like this one ever suggested to the developers? Instead of downloading gigabites of maps, I could easily set a route using, then mark it like bbbike does.