Corrupted IMG file

Building some maps from the files, but somehow Mapsource does not like a part of the generated map.

Download the Netherlands file from geofabrik
Use splitter-r179 to extract this tile:
63240024: 2455552,309248 to 2467840,337920

: 52.690430,6.635742 to 52.954102,7.250977

Than build the map using mkgmap 1995 (tried 2022 as well) with the following switches:

java -ea -Xmx1500m -jar mkgmap.jar --tdbfile --overview-mapname=40000001 --route --gmapsupp --family-id=639 --output-dir=C:\OSM 63240024.osm.pbf

This creates a map that can be opened in Mapsource (v. 6.16.3). Most of the map is OK, but in an area just to the north-west of Neede, if I hover a road, the yellow info box appears at another road on the map. If I try to create a route through this area, Mapsource coughs up an error (some info about Mapsource and installed maps, error code 3 and would I like to report this to Garmin).

Example: Kerkhofsweg at N52.14183 E6.58929

On the maps from, this area is OK, so what am I missing in my procedure?


This was caused by “zero length arcs”, adding the switch “–remove-short-arcs” produces a correct map,