Corrupted dumps on geofabrik ?

Hi All.

I have issue with way #256693351

By the, way is exist and latest version is #6, but:

  1. doesn’t contain this way

  2. contains modify to version #5 in changeset #26841198

  3. contains delete for verison #5 in changeset #26841198

  4. contains modify to version #6 in changeset 26853731

  5. There are no any updates in latest osc.gz files

What is wrong ?

That’s part of the Belarus / Lithuania border.

I’d suggest that you ask Geofabrik whether their Belarus extract is supposed to contain all border ways, mentioning the effect that you’re seeing.

In the meantime you could always take a larger extract and cut it down to size yourself I guess.

Thank you. It looks like really border issue, because contains update to version #6 instead delete.

Who is contact at geofabrik ? I tried to write on, but there is no any response.

You have used the right address.

The Geofabrik extracts do not automatically change their extent if someone changes the boundaries in OpenStreetMap. I’ll have to look into this myself and adapt the extract boundary.